Former Orpheus member Jack Waldrip died recently at the age of 98.

Jack joined Orpheus in 2014 and sang in the bass section.  For a time he enjoyed the honor of being the oldest active member of Orpheus.  Even at his advanced age he could outsing many a younger bass.

A retired college dean and a Marine, Jack used to love to recount memories of his service to the country.  We used to joke with him that it’s not every day that one gets to talk to someone who served under Napoleon.

Jack walked with a cane, but no ordinary cane would do for Jack.  Many of us remember his elaborately carved shillelagh that he was never seen without.

Jack remained active in Orpheus until moving back to his home state, Texas, with his wife Maryalice, so they could both live out their days in familiar surroundings.

We will miss Jack’s sharp wit, fascinating conversation, and unflagging devotion to Orpheus.  A true Orpheus brother.