Scholarship Overview

The purpose of the OMC scholarship is to promote choral singing at all levels through financial support of Arizona graduating seniors or equivalent. The scholarship will be given to any deserving music majors, with priority being given to choral music majors, in support of baccalaureate and advanced degrees in music.


  • Applicant must have graduated from an Arizona Secondary School or equivalent
  • Applicant must have graduated from secondary (High) school with a “B” average
  • Applicant must show a high level of musicality, theory, and performance skills
  • Applicant must have been accepted to an accredited university or college
  • Applicant must be a music major when registering at a university or college


The overarching goal of the OMC Scholarship is to promote music in general and specifically choral singing at all levels.

Initial goals for the program shall be:
1.      The promotion of choral singing in children under the age of 18
2.      Support of post-secondary, pre-baccalaureate degree, choral music majors

Applicant Requirements/Task(s):

  • Applicants must provide proof of acceptance to an accredited college or university
  • Applicant must be a music major
  • Applicants must submit an OMC approved application
  • Applicants must provide a 500 word or less essay on why they want to pursue a music degree
  • Applicants will need to perform in person or by video for a panel of OMC members

How will OMC Publicize Scholarships?

  • The scholarship program will be publicized and applications will be made available
  • OMC Members may provide information to potential
  • OMC will publicize the scholarship in public media (i.e. Facebook)
  • The Outreach committee will define other recommended publication methods to be submitted to the OMC Board of Directors

Outreach Committee Responsivities:

·         With the support of the Development Committee, the Outreach committee will assist with driving an annual scholarship raffle.

·         The Outreach committee will publicize the scholarship as outlined in the publication guidelines.

·         The Outreach committee will administrate the scholarship application process by:

o   Set the date for application due date to be the first Friday of in March of each year

o   collect and review all applicants

o   interview and review select applicants

o   select an applicant finalist and submit the applicant to the Board of Directors for approval

o   The Outreach Committee Chairman will process a request to the OMC treasurer to be made payable to the appropriate person or school as approved by the Board

How Will Scholarships Be Funded?

  • The funds for the scholarship will be maintain in two funds:
    1. Active fund – This fund will contain the funds available for disbursement to approved recipients.
    2. Permanent fund – This fund will be maintained in perpetuity to supply monies to the Active Fund.
    3. Fundraisers in the form of a raffle (or other method approved by the committee and/or the OMC Board) will be a method for raising scholarship funds, and managed by the Outreach and Development committees.

Managing the funds:

  • Monies donated to the program and designated as either “active” or “permanent” will be deposited in the designated fund.
  • Monies donated without a designated fund will be split evenly between the two funds.
  • The Board may, at its discretion, by majority vote, act to place a larger percentage of the undesignated donation in the permanent fund. In no case will less than 50% of an undesignated gift go to the permanent fund. This is to ensure the perpetuity of the program.
  • Monies earned through fundraising efforts by, or on behalf of, the chorus will be split 1/3 to the permanent fund and 2/3 to the active fund. The Board may, at its sole direction, by majority vote, act to place a larger percentage of any fundraising monies in the permanent fund.
  • The Board will determine the approximate amount of money available for awards and forward such information to the SC. Could award for than one per year pending funds.

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Scholarship Application Process 

Instructions for application submission:

  1. Select the appropriate application for either college bound scholarship or NON-collegiate scholarships from the links provided below.
  2. Complete the application and collect all documents listed within the application for the scholarship you are requesting.
  3. Submit the application along with the supporting documentation by either:
    1. The second Friday in March for College applications to be considered for the fall semester of the current year.
    2. No later than Ninety (90) days prior to the date for which the scholarship is being requested for NON-collegiate scholarships.
  4. Submit all documents by ONE of the following methods:
    1. Electronically via this LINK
    2. Send to:

The Orpheus Male Chorus Of Phoenix
PO BOX 64534
Phoenix, AZ 85082