Bob Meier, a longtime member of Orpheus, passed away suddenly in March 2023.

Bob joined Orpheus in 2001 and sang in the bass section.  He served as treasurer for several terms and would probably have assumed the role of Treasurer-for-Life had he and his wife Betty not moved to Florida in 2020.  But even in Florida, Bob continued on as an Emeritus member and participated in the virtual concerts we recorded and posted when the pandemic made it impossible for us to perform in person.  He and Betty were also responsible for writing many of the insurance policies that Orpheus must carry.

Those of us who were members of Orpheus while Bob was treasurer will not soon forget his “envelope system” for keeping track of dues payments, polo shirt purchases, and other payments received from members.  Nor will we forget his deep, resonant bass voice that rang out whenever a number we were singing called for a bass solo.

And the success of Orpheus’ East Coast tour in the summer of 2019 was due largely in part to Bob being in charge of making all arrangements.

Bob’s legacy will live on in Orpheus for a very long time.  Our heartfelt prayers and condolences go out to Betty.  Rest in peace, Bob.  Rest in peace.