Baritone | Member Since 2000

Marvin Green

After 15 years with Orpheus, Marvin’s favorite part of being in the chorus is the rehearsal time on Tuesdays. “No matter how crazy things may get in other areas, it's a chance to clear my head and work on something creative and group-oriented that is about creating something inspiring that can only be done as a group. That's a great feeling and I love the time I spend with Orpheus.”

Bass | Member Since 2011

Kevin Staab

For Kevin, singing provides a nice break from his job—and singing with Orpheus provides a nice sense of pride. “Singing is a great hobby and a chance to do something totally unrelated to work. I really enjoy singing with Orpheus. They are an extremely talented group. I like the wide variety of music that we perform. Brook makes it both fun and challenging, which is the perfect mix.” So far, Kevin has enjoyed many favorite moments with Orpheus, but he says perhaps the best for him has been singing the National Anthem at the Diamondbacks games; “also, the crowd reaction and appreciation at our concerts is very rewarding.”

Baritone | Member Since 2012

Justin Ferris

Justin took an unusual path to joining Orpheus in the fall of 2012 in that he did not know anyone associated with the group, nor had he seen the group in performance; instead, he found Orpheus on the web. “I wanted to get back into singing and so I started researching local choirs online. I found the Orpheus website and it listed some of the songs Doc had programmed for spring. Two of them (Dirait-on and If Ye Love Me) are songs I absolutely love, so I suspected Orpheus would match my musical taste. And after seeing Doc's conducting style and seeing how friendly everyone was, I knew Orpheus was a good fit.” Justin’s favorite moments with Orpheus thus far have been many. “I'm not sure there's just one standout moment. There have been plenty of amazing moments during our various concerts that stick in my memory. The best ones are when the choir begins a song and it's clear that we're all together musically, mentally and emotionally. That's when the singing becomes a real joy.”

2nd Tenor | Member Since 2013

Jim Suelflow

Jim’s favorite things about singing with Orpheus include the talent in the group and the focus on the music. “I appreciate the fact that Orpheus is focused on the music. In L.A., I had the opportunity to sing with some top-notch artistic directors, including guest conductors like Tim Seelig (Turtle Creek Chorale) and Eric Whitacre (composer of Seal Lullaby). Doc brings that same level of skill, artistry and magic as those ‘celebrity’ conductors, while remaining humble and completely practical. He and Carric seem to share the same vision for what Orpheus can achieve, and balance that with the needs of the membership. We are blessed to have them at the helm.”

2nd Tenor | Member Since 2002

Drew Peterson

Drew enjoys many special memories of Orpheus from the past thirteen years, but his current friendships and our artistic leadership mean the most to him today. “It would be difficult to choose just one favorite thing. So many numbers we have performed over the years each had their special moments and I can’t put my finger on a particular one. I think the friendships that I have developed mean the most to me. And I just feel so lucky to work under an Artistic Director the caliber of Doc. He is so unpretentious, and has such a fantastic musical sense, and what he can get out of 80 nonprofessional singers amazes me every time we perform.

1st Tenor | Member Since 2011

David Bickerstaff

I went to my first rehearsal and, during warm-ups, I got some serious goose bumps listening to the sound and I was hooked. Unfortunately, family obligations kept me from finishing that season, but I knew that I would have to make an effort to come back once things settled down a bit.