First tenor Jerry Christensen had been part of Orpheus for over thirty-five years, and he had done just about every volunteer job there was to do with the Chorus.

Jerry joined Orpheus in the fall of 1981, after the director of his church choir became the director of Orpheus. “I was singing in Larry Wittig’s church choir when he became the director of Orpheus. I went to a concert and decided I wanted to be a part of that.” Thankfully, Jerry did just that.

Jerry began singing in high school “because I had to get out of a typing class (I type very slowly). In junior college I got into an a cappella choir, then madrigal singers, a community choir, and church choirs.”

The aspect of singing Jerry liked most was “the sound that we create,” and, “in the case of ballads, the stories that we tell.” His favorite memory of Orpheus were the weekend retreats the Chorus spent in Prescott in the 1990’s. “Two and a half days of rehearsals and getting to know other members was a lot of fun.”

In addition to singing with Orpheus, Jerry enjoyed playing golf, reading, and babysitting his grandchildren. Thankfully, he had plenty of time to pursue these interests since his retirement from his career as a CPA. Speaking of accounting, those of us who were honored to sing with Jerry in the first tenor section appreciated his attention to the details in the music, along with his dry, understated sense of humor.

When asked what else he’d like to share with the Chorus, Jerry responded, “Get involved. Over the years I have been section leader for the first and second tenors, served on or chaired the Auditions, Music Selection, Library, Ticket Sales, and Finance Committees, and served as Controller for the Chorus. It makes the experience more fun and gives you a meaningful sense of belonging.”

Farewell to our friend and fellow singer. We will miss you, Jerry.