These are unprecedented times for our country.  All of us at The Orpheus Male Chorus of Phoenix mourn the deaths of those who have died recently, and all who have gone before them, as the result of society’s intolerance of their fellow human beings.

We grieve along with their families and friends and all who grieve, and we join our voices with theirs in righteous indignation as they call for justice.

We condemn systemic racism and all senseless acts of violence.

We recognize that ugliness such as this often masks what is truly good in our world.  We know, as do all whom we entertain with our music, that the arts are beautiful precisely because they arise out of mankind’s most basic nature – a nature that has love as its root.  We are thankful for the many talented artists of every race who have, through the ages and especially today, enriched our lives by means of their wonderful gifts.

We at Orpheus pledge that we will do everything in our power, despite injustice, despite unrest, and most especially now despite disease, to use our art, and our music, to bring beauty, light and hope to a world that all too often seems engulfed by darkness and despair.  We sincerely hope that you will join with us in this crusade.